Thursday, January 8, 2015

Martin Luther King Jr Holiday

     On the third Monday of January, the United States of America will celebrate a milestone in their culture. This is the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., an important figure in the fight for racial equality.

By Kevin 

     In 1968, there started a campaign to gain a national holiday. A holiday to honor the birthday of a great hero in the civil rights movement, a hero which was recently stolen from them. This hero was Martin Luther King, Jr., father, husband, pastor, leader.

     On January 19th, people across the USA will be celebrating the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.. This holiday falls under the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which puts on the third Monday of January, instead of January 15th which was King's actual birthday. The making MLK day a national holiday was passed in 1983 by president Ronald Reagan, although it wasn't observed in use until 1986. Mr. King is basically the figurehead of civil rights movements and non-violent acts against discrimination. One of his most famous speeches, the "I Have A Dream" speech, told of an interracial future, where there was no segregation, only love and kindness. This was an important moment in our heritage and should and is widely celebrated and cherished. America is proud to have a man like Martin Luther King, Jr.

Always remember to appreciate your leaders, for they may be gone in the blink of an eye. 

 Martin Luther King, Jr.
Jan 15, 1929 - Apr 4, 1968

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