Thursday, January 8, 2015

Upcoming 4 Day Weekend

4-Day Weekend 

Upcoming holiday(Martin Luther King Jr. Day) plus Teacher Work Day gives lucky Laguna Middle School students a four day weekend.

By Kevin 

   The collective voice of the student body at Laguna Middle School draws it's breath, ticking down every day until the day of Thursday, January 15th. This day marks the beginning of a great opportunity, a complete 4 days to complete their last dreams. A second chance. After this ceremonial weekend, the students will be back to counting down for the next Friday. After this we'll all be back to going through the motions. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Repeat.

    Yes, you heard me. The planets have aligned on this glorious occasion to give us another chance at what goals we didn't accomplish during our Winter break. This weekend will give students time to build a tree fort, live with kangaroos, or learn how to smelt iron. Students can do anything they set their mind to. A recent survey (conducted by me) showed that as many as 7 students were excited for the upcoming holiday. Also, a Laguna student by the name of Mr. Smith stated about the upcoming weekend, "It's gonna be awesome."

     Despite these reasons to look forward to this holiday, some of you may be looking like this picture of Adam Duritz and be wondering, "Why does this matter, shouldn't we be more focused on our education and less about recreation?" Well these chums may be right, but who cares!? This is your weekend, not theirs. Let them stew in the chicken broth of their own gloom. 

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